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The main purpose of our IT projects, online applications and software is to help people feel comfortable about running their website. Our applications and hosting services are always flexible, whether it's putting together a web hosting plan, offering one-click blogging applications or providing accurate and meaningful web traffic monitoring tools.

Who We Are?

We want to bring simplicity and freshness to how you make use of the internet. We want you to have your website up and running within days or even hours, not weeks or months. By constantly researching and implementing more flexibility into our systems, our end users benefit from applications that anyone can use. Our website building software, blogging applications, email, and even our ecommerce applications can be mastered quickly.

Our Projects

Host1Plus is an international virtualization solutions provider, offering VPS and Cloud Servers ├četa services. Host1Plus provides affordable and customizable solutions to meet the needs of developers, web designers, SMBs in managing their own assets while utilizing Host1Plus in-house developed and well documented powerful API.

Founded in London, UK, in 2008 by Digital Energy Technologies Ltd., the company now has a global presence with multiple data centers and local support teams in Africa, Europe, North & South America.

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Haphost is a new brand of Digital Energy Technologies Ltd. The new host expected to replace HOST1FREE, a former free web and VPS hosting service provider. Haphost will maintain HOST1FREE functionality with additional features:

  • Integrated Web Hosting Control Panel
  • Integrated VPS Panel
  • Integrated Client Area
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